Drylining Support System Products


A full drywall system – metal, fixing, finishing and access solutions

Tradeline is a complete range of supports and fixings for drylining and metal-frame walls and ceilings. The range includes metal solutions, fixing solutions, fire barrier solutions, and access-panel solutions. We also offer a range of finishing solutions including; paper joint tape, metal corner tape, sanding paper and 2-in-1 intumescent acoustic sealant. Together they give you a full range of products that specifiers and installers choose to support many of Britain’s smartest and most original finishes.

Metal SolutionsFixing SolutionsFinishing SolutionsAccess Panel Solutions

Central to Tradeline are our robust, non-load-bearing, stud-and-track systems. These are the strong and lightweight structures behind walls that conceal services, deaden sounds, slow the progress of fires, and support the most modern finishes.