System Selector

We are making it easier for you to choose the correct Tradeline system by introducing the
new System Selector App.

How to find your best Tradeline solution
Enter the following details:

1. Choose the type of partitions or Lining you believe is needed.
2. Then add performance criteria:

  • Height of wall
  • Max width
  • Acoustic rating needed in RwdB or RwdB +ctr for party walls
  • Fire Rating
  • Duty Rating

3. Choose the system that best suits your requirements
selected from the filtered results of our testing

4. Print Result

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Product Selector

Determine material quantities needed to build your Tradeline solution by utilising our Product Selector App.

This Product Selector App gives you an easy way to establish materials needed for your
project as well as a guidance on the quantity of materials you need.

The below products are just some of the materials that are included in this app:

  • TRADELINE screws needed for outer and inner layers
  • Insulation materials
  • Plasterboard
  • TRADELINE 2 in 1 sealant
  • Head packers if deflection head needed
  • Skim

Get the Product Selector App