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Health and safety is paramount in the construction industry

The construction industry has made big improvements to its health and safety record in recent years, but there’s still much more work to be done. Construction remains a high-risk industry.

That’s why everyone who works in construction – employers, employees, and self-employed – has to treat health and safety as their own personal responsibility. You have to look out for yourself, your colleagues, and members of the public. Every change you make that reduces the risk of injury in your business is a step in the right direction.

Here at Tradeline we’re promoting a business-wide culture of responsibility for health and safety. Our Stay Safe initiative is an all-embracing approach to health and safety. It’s a way of ensuring that everyone who comes into contact with our business – customers, staff, and suppliers – goes home fit and well at the end of every working day.

For more information on StaySafe visit our Group website.

For advice on health-and-safety legislation and best practice, visit the HSE website.

For COSHH/Health & Safety datasheets, visit our Literature section.