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System warranty on metal sections and accessories

When you choose Tradeline, you’re choosing assured fire, acoustic, and impact performance levels. We know exactly how our products perform because many of them have been tested independently in conjunction with boards from leading manufacturers. In fact we’re so sure about the performance of the Tradeline system, we can support your installation with a system warranty.

System warranty

What is a Tradeline approved warranty?

• A full system warranty that guarantees performance to the latest building regulations

• Available on all projects that are built in accordance with bespoke Tradeline Installation Guidelines

• Suitable for commercial, residential, healthcare and education sectors

Which products make up the system?

• Tradeline metal

• Tradeline fixings

• Tradeline joint compound

• Tradeline tapes

• Tradeline sealants

Our system warranty covers identified and registered projects where the system has been installed in line with issued project-specific guidelines and installation detailed drawings, in accordance with recognised best industry practice.

To find out more on how the Tradeline warranty would add value to your next project, speak to one of the Tradeline experts at CCF, who are our nationwide stockist.