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Products supported by a rigorous environmental policy

An environmental policy is nothing if it’s not visible in the way we conduct our business and in the quality and performance of our products. So this is how we work.

Responsible buying

We want our suppliers to take their environmental responsibilities as seriously as we do. So we work with them to get a better understanding of their environmental performance and, in particular, their Scope III carbon emissions (emissions that we can’t control directly but which we may be able to influence because they’re created by organisations within our supply chain). Where we can, we work with suppliers who are certified to BES6001, the responsible sourcing standard for construction products.

Responsible operating

We’re focused at every level within our organisation on ways of reducing our environmental impact – our energy and water use, our carbon emissions, and the amount of waste we send to landfill.

Vehicle tracking devices help us and our distributors cut road journeys throughout our distribution network. The recycling of waste materials is taken care of through the waste-management service offered by our stockist, CCF.

Responsible selling

If you need help integrating Tradeline materials into a sustainable building project, our stockist CCF offers advice and expert technical assistance.

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For full details of our environmental policy, please visit our Group Website.