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Tradeline – The engineering for a lasting professional finish

The surface shine of a professional finish may be impressive, but it’s what lies behind that determines how easy your system is to install, how trouble-free it will be in use, and how long it will last. With a comprehensive system of supports and fixings in place you can be sure that any project you plan conforms to building regulation and will stand the test of time.

Designed by professionals for professionals

We know that every project you’re involved in should be quick and easy to construct, robust in use and compliant with every relevant regulation. That’s the thinking behind Tradeline, the drywall system created by drywall professionals. Years of experience tell us that an installation has to work from the point of view of the developer, the specifier, the installer and the people who will live and work in it. If the underlying structure isn’t right, the finish is no more than short-lived.

A full drywall system

Tradeline gives you everything you need for that long-lasting and fully compliant finish. From internal wall-partitioning systems, which integrate and extend into ceiling and flooring, to vital fixing and finishing components, from screws and tape to sealant and sanding paper, Tradeline is a complete solution. It’s also available nationwide through our stockist, CCF, who will deliver to your yard or site direct from stock.