Tradeline Render Beads

Tradeline Render Beads

Every render system needs a reliable, trusted render bead to support the build and provide a contemporary finish. Tradeline Render Beads are the perfect solution for all types of render and plaster materials and can either be fixed with a dot of adhesive render / mortar, or a non-corrosive wall plug and screw. Installation is also made quick and easy as Tradeline Render Beads are easy to cut to size either with tin snips or a fine toothed hacksaw, leaving no sharp edges.

There is a wide range of beads available to suit every application.

Tradeline Render Beads Available:

Stop Bead: Provides a stop to render at windows, door frames, steps and changes to the facade. They also produce a straight finish and protection for the render against impact.

Bellcast Bead: Designed to provide a stop to the render above the damp proof course and above reveals. Produces a straight edge whilst also providing protection against impact and deflecting rainwater.

Angle Bead: Designed for use on all rendered or plastered corners and produces the ultimate straight edge which provides protection against impact.

Expansion Bead: Designed to prevent cracking to render through thermal expansion and compression. Expansion beads must be used over a structural movement joint once settling is complete.

How to Render a Corner with our Tradeline Angle Bead:

Step 1: Clean and measure the wall

Step 2: Cut the angle bead to length with either tin snips or a fine toothed hacksaw

Step 3: Mix up the adhesive (we recommend Weber Bead Adhesive)

Step 4: Apply the adhesive to the corners of the build

Step 5: Fix the angle bead to the corner

Step 6: Remove the excess adhesive with a trowel

Step 7: Begin the rendering process


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