5 Apps for Contractors in 2017












This post is an update from our 2016 Top 5 Apps for Contractors blog.

The use of apps can make working in the construction industry a lot more simpler and efficient. Communication has never been greater with managing projects, contractors and bids on the go, and as technology has developed overtime so has the way we communicate using our smartphones and tablets.

With the development of apps, being able to communicate with your team and clients through your device is so much easier to do.

Below is a list of our top 5 apps for contractors that can help communicate and organise your workload and schedule on a day to day basis.


PlanGrid – £19.99 (Annually per user)








Available on iOS, iPad, Android & Web
PlanGrid app will manage your documents and keep your team up to date, letting contractors and architects collaborate on project plans, photo’s, revisions and document progress.

  • Instantly sync across all platforms markups and notes
  • Manage and distribute documents
  • Work from the current set
  • Built-in measuring tool

SmartBidNet – Free









Available on iOS, iPad, Android & Web
SmartBidNet app provides you with accessible information that allows you to create and track your bid process with subcontractors and companies securely.

  • Send communications to a company for projects
  • Access and search your private network of subcontractors
  • Bid for projects on the go
  • Build custom pre qualification forms











Available on iOS, iPad & Android
Fieldwire app focuses on task management, you are able to connect with your team right down to subcontractors through the app. Using the app lets you view drawings, punch lists and tasks while you are out of the office.

  • Easily upload files to Fieldwire from any device including Box and Dropbox
  • Instantly see which tasks are complete or overdue
  • Add detail to your tasks by uploading PDFs, photos and attachments
  • Detailed inspection and punch list reports

Photo Measures







Available on iOS, iPad & Android
Photo Measures app takes photos on your phone or tablet and lets you add dimensions and notes directly to the photos. The app exports your dimensions and notes by email or to a photo library.

  • Export dimensions by email (JPG or PDF) or to the photo library
  • Take a photo and directly draw measures on it
  • Save your measures in imperial or metric units
  • Add text as comments when measures are not enough


Construction Master Pro








Available on iOS, iPad, Android & Windows
Construction Master Pro app makes calculating jobsite problems easier, including a full trigonometric functions, estimates, bids, plan and dimensional math conversions.

  • Solve construction-math problems onsite or in the office.
  • Reduce errors and save time and money
  • Trigonometric keys and comprehensive building dimensions including, inch fractions, yards and decimal feet

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