How To: Install a Tradeline Metal Access Panel

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Tradeline Access Panel Solutions provide easy access to concealed walls and ceilings where maintenance may be required.

Below we’ve provided a simple 3 step guide on installing a Tradeline beaded frame, metal access panel. However, remember to always seek professional guidance and ensure protective wear is worn at all times.


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Fix the panel securely in place

Place the access panel through the 8mm diameter holes within the beaded frame and fix in place securely with a screw which does not protrude from the beaded frame. Where available secure the access panel through any internal frame fixing holes. For best results use Tradeline fixings.



step 2









Secure the bead

For a smooth finish use either a finishing plaster or Tape and Joint/jointing compound across the bead ensuring this overlaps on to the plasterboard surface. For best results use Tradeline Joint Compound and Tape.



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Achieve a smooth finish

Ensure that the plaster is pushed through any gaps between the beaded frame and the plasterboard surface. When using jointing compound, apply 2 or 3 applications allowing each to set dry before the next application. Feather out each application beyond the previous application. Finally when dry sand as required to achieve a smooth finish. For best results use Tradeline Finishing Solutions.



Before drilling into any walls, check that there are no hidden cables or pipes.

Exercise great care when using power tools near water. The use of a residual current device (RCD) or cordless drill is recommended. Always double-check the position and your measurements before drilling holes. Keep children away from the work area and remember that all small parts, plastic bags and tools should also be kept out of reach of children.

For general advice regarding plaster skimming or tape and jointing, refer to the manufacturer’s specific guidelines.

For more information on Tradelines Access Panel Solutions, read our blog Product Focus: Access Panel Solutions.