How To: Install a Tradeline Metal Access Panel

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Tradeline Access Panel Solutions provide easy access to concealed walls and ceilings where maintenance may be required.

Below we’ve provided a simple 3 step guide on installing a Tradeline beaded frame, metal access panel. However, remember to always seek professional guidance and ensure protective wear is worn at all times.


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Fix the panel securely in place

Place the access panel through the 8mm diameter holes within the beaded frame and fix in place securely with a screw which does not protrude from the beaded frame. Where available secure the access panel through any internal frame fixing holes. For best results use Tradeline fixings.



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Secure the bead

For a smooth finish use either a finishing plaster or Tape and Joint/jointing compound across the bead ensuring this overlaps on to the plasterboard surface. For best results use Tradeline Joint Compound and Tape.



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Achieve a smooth finish

Ensure that the plaster is pushed through any gaps between the beaded frame and the plasterboard surface. When using jointing compound, apply 2 or 3 applications allowing each to set dry before the next application. Feather out each application beyond the previous application. Finally when dry sand as required to achieve a smooth finish. For best results use Tradeline Finishing Solutions.



Before drilling into any walls, check that there are no hidden cables or pipes.

Exercise great care when using power tools near water. The use of a residual current device (RCD) or cordless drill is recommended. Always double-check the position and your measurements before drilling holes. Keep children away from the work area and remember that all small parts, plastic bags and tools should also be kept out of reach of children.

For general advice regarding plaster skimming or tape and jointing, refer to the manufacturer’s specific guidelines.

For more information on Tradelines Access Panel Solutions, read our blog Product Focus: Access Panel Solutions.


Product Focus: Access Panel Solutions

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Access panels, also known as access hatches, are a cost effective solution to getting immediate access to anything concealed behind a wall or ceiling where additional services may be required.

Below we’ve provided you with all the information you need on Tradeline Access Panel Solutions, including their features and benefits and why Tradeline Access Panels are all you need to get the job done.

Tradeline Access Panel Solutions

At Tradeline we offer the two core types of access panels, slimline plastic panels and lockable steel panels.

Tradeline Handi Panels are plastic, white picture frames, with concealed hinges and only 20mm deep. Making them the perfect general-use panel where aesthetics and design are important to the interior of a building. Tradeline Handi Access Panels are available in two sizes:

225mm x 150mm

300mm x 300mm

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To cater for all environments and finishing requirements, Tradeline Metal Access Panels are available in both picture frame and beaded frame – pure white in colour with concealed hinges. The steel panels are lockable, making them ideal for use in all types of commercial environments.

Tradeline Metal Access Panels are available in a choice of sizes:

300 x 300mm

450 x 450mm

600 x 600mm

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Tradeline Access Panel Solutions also offer bespoke sized and fire-rated panels to cater for specialist needs and environments. To find out more about our full range of panels contact your local branch here.

Features and Benefits of Tradeline Handi and Metal Access Panels

  • A cost effective and easy solution for access to plumbing, valves, switches and electrical services
  • Suitable for all commercial and residential environments, including new build and retrofit
  • Tradeline Access Panels can be fitted to walls and ceilings including: drywall, plaster, masonry and tiles
  • Concealed hinges and slimline gauge on all Tradeline Access Panels
  • Available in plastic and metal
  • Metal panels are lockable, while our Handi panels do not require a key
  • Picture and beaded frame options available on all metal panels
  • Pure white in colour – ideal for painting once installed
  • Variety of sizes
  • Bespoke and fire-rated panels available on request


For more information on Tradeline Access Panel Solutions, find your local branch HERE or buy online today with our preferred online stockist, Insulation Giant.