Wall Liner

Tradeline Wall Ceiling Lining System

Tradeline Heavy Duty C Stud







This wall and ceiling liner from Tradeline is a small stud and track system designed to be supported back to a masonry wall and receive plasterboard. It retains the profile strength and rigidity and can be used for both residential and commercial properties. This wall and ceiling line comes in a single length.

  • Friction-fit system allows easy installation
  • Compact design
  • Easy to cut to shape and clean

Code Name Leg (mm) Gauge (mm) Length (mm) Width (mm)
537307 Tradeline SGL1 Wall/Ceiling Liner 2400mm 0.5 2400 45
535363 Tradeline SGL1 Wall/Ceiling Liner 2700mm 0.5 2700 45
535364 Tradeline SGL1 Wall/Ceiling Liner 3000mm 0.5 3000 45
535365 Tradeline SGL1 Wall/Ceiling Liner 3600mm 0.5 3600 45
535366 Tradeline SGL8 Perimeter Track 3000mm 0.5 3000 19
535367 Tradeline GL2 Fixing Bracket 75mm Leg (100 In A Box) 75
535368 Tradeline GL9 Fixing Bracket 125mm Leg (100 In A Box) 125
529003 Tradeline GL12 Fixing Bracket 175mm (100 In A Box) 175
535369 Tradeline Wall Ceiling Liner Connector GL3 (50 In A Box)
232900 Tradeline Wall Ceiling Liner S Timber Connector 55mm (200 In A Box) 55
232909 Tradeline Wall Ceiling Liner S Timber Connector 155mm (100 In A Box)  155